Waldorf in the News: Children Have More Than Five Senses

Waldorf Principle Explored: Steiner’s 12-Senses

(Additional information on Steiner’s 12-senses is available HERE)

Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf method of education believed that all people, including the students you teach, have 12 senses. For many people, belief in a “sixth sense” is not a big leap. Some of the other senses he describes are harder to grasp. However, thanks to a recent scientific breakthrough, the concept of 12-senses is now much easier to understand and explain to others. It is no longer a “Steiner Theory” but is now backed by scientific proof that is moving forward to explore the human mind beyond 6 senses…

Note: Although this article is titled a “sixth sense” by the reporter that summarized the original study they are actually describing to a different sense beyond what is usually called a “sixth sense”. You can find out more by exploring the 12 senses HERE.

Study of Rare Genetic Disorder Reveals ‘Sixth Sense’ May Be More Than Just a Feeling
By The PsyPost

With the help of two young patients with a unique neurological disorder, an initial study by scientists at the National Institutes of Health suggests that a gene called PIEZO2 controls specific aspects of human touch and proprioception, a “sixth sense” describing awareness of one’s body in space. Mutations in the gene caused the two to have movement and balance problems and the loss of some forms of touch. Despite their difficulties, they both appeared to cope with these challenges by relying heavily on vision and other senses.

“Our study highlights the critical importance of PIEZO2 and the senses it controls in our daily lives,” said Carsten G. Bönnemann, M.D., senior investigator at the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and a co-leader of the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine

Read the full article HERE or the original research article HERE

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