Waldorf-inspired Synthetic-hybrid Acorn-thingamabobs

We have a well supplied arts and crafts room at the house – mostly supplied with Waldorf & natural supplies like beeswax and paper and watercolor paper, block crayons, chalk, felt, wool roving. However, I also have an entire file tower of “synthetic” supplies for various crafts Sofi and her friends find in magazines or books they find at the library.

So…here is what happens when the two worlds collide – you get a “googley-eyed-jub-jub-thingy”!

To make these adorable Waldorf/Synthetic hybrids Sofi and her friends took some of the acorn caps from the yard, and rolled some of the beeswax into a little ball and placed it into the acorn top (she grated it all yesterday just for fun and when you do that it is very easy to mold). After that, they went into the “synthetic supply chest” and added googley eyes and some pipe-cleaner antennae and legs.

Although they are “just hybrids” I thought they were still adorable and they were completely created by the kids which is even better 🙂

Originally posted 9/19/08 on old Blog

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