Which Level of Earthschooling Should I Purchase?

Core Bundles: You already are familiar with Waldorf homeschooling or are willing to do more work on your own without video assistance. If you are already familiar with Waldorf education you will find the planners very easy to follow. If you are new to Waldorf education you will need to invest some hours over a few weeks into reading the entire “START HERE” page as well as all the introductory materials to each planner. You will also need to study the Parent/Teacher essentials page.

PROS: Core Bundles are very affordable. You are saving a lot of money.

CONS: This choice requires extra effort and time on your part to learn new skills if you are new to Waldorf education or homeschooling. We provide everything you need to easily use the materials. However, if you are new to Waldorf education this does take an initial time investment. If you do not make this initial time investment you may find the materials more challlenging and you may find yourself asking more questions on the forum or by e-mail.

Purchase Core Bundles HERE.


Curriculum Packages: You need some help with some basic Waldorf skills. A lot of basic skills are provided on video. However, you will need to either be familiar with Waldorf education or read the introductory materials that come with each planner to teach. If you are new to Waldorf education these packages also provide you with plenty of instruction on how to use and teach the materials. However, although you will still need to make an initial time investment in learning new skils (how to teach a main lesson, how to do wet-on-wet watercolor, etc), you will find that a lot of your teacher tutorials are provided via video, which make learning new skills and ‘getting up to speed’ with Waldorf education much easier for the visual learner.

PROS: Visual learners will find it more enjoyable and easier to learn how to use the materials. Some skills that can only be taught by video are provided in these packages. So you have access to teacher tutorials and skills that Core Bundle members do not have access to.

CONS: The cost is twice the price of the Core Bundles.

New Members: Purchase Curriculum Packages HERE

Members: UPGRADE to a Curriculum Package HERE (You must be logged in as a member to see the page)


Living Lessons: These videos show you exactly how to do the lessons. This saves you time learning or reading about how to teach. It also provides you a video option to rely on if you need assistance and don’t want to teach every day. We recommend Living Lessons for someone who is completely new to Waldorf education. These curriculum sets provide you with actual videos of the lessons so you can watch them or have your student watch the lesson. This means you do not need to make any time investment in learning about Waldorf education as this will happen naturally as you work through the materials. The videos do everything for you so you don’t even need to read the introduction to the planners, or invest any time at all in getting started.

PROS: You do not have any time investment from yourself. Everything is presented to you or the student by video. If you go through one year of Living Lessons you may also learn enough that next year you will not need them.

CONS: These are the most expensive curriculum sets we have because of the investment we have made in all the teachers who have created these lessons. However, you do retain access to the lessons for life and can use them with multiple children in your family.

New Members: Purchase Living Lessons HERE

Members: UPGRADE to a Curriculum Package HERE (You must be logged in as a member to see the page)


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