Who Discovered…?

This quote is from a student assignment. This student was asked about who discovered a certain medical theory. Her answer was perfect!

She says, “A fact is defined as one of three things: something demonstrated to exist, a real occurrence, or something believed to be true. An update is defined as the act of revising information to relay the most current information. Despite the claims of John Draper, Robert Briffault, and Dr. Ajram, clarity of expression, definition, and perception is lacking. These authors relay the intention of bringing to light the path of European scientific evolution as credited to Islamic science and medicine as a stimulus and great contributor. Closer examination of the issue suggests that we can hope, at best, that facts are truthful and updated information is current. Islamically speaking, no human being can know fact or update in totality. However, as muslims, we are highly encouraged to study and search for knowledge.”

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