The Surprising Reason to Use Home Remedies

Why am I tempted?

I know how to make almost all the natural healing supplies I purchase. However I still find myself gazing at the rows of colorful bottles and bins at the health food market and from time to time one of those pretty little bottles ends up in my cart.

But why do I do this when I know that I can make most of these items at home? I have to admit that purchasing neat little bottles of tinctures, herbal pills and aromatherapy mixtures is so easy and convenient. I can understand why there is such a market for them and why so many of my clients want me to suggest a “product” they can purchase.

However, despite how convenient prepared herbals are, I still encourage my clients and myself to make remedies at home.

Because it is more economical? Well, that is part of it, but – no.

Because you can control what goes into the bottle and you know 100% what the ingredients are? Yes, that is one good reason, too – but not my main reason.

Because you are able to use fresh ingredients that have not been sitting on a shelf for months? Of course! That is a wonderful benefit of making homemade remedies. However, it is still not my favorite reason.

My main reason for recommending that clients, friends, family and myself create their own remedies is because the creation of these remedies is actually part of the healing process.


1. Creation is control: When a person is ill they may feel they have lost control over their body. Purchasing remedies that are already made just hands this control over to another person or company. An important part of the healing process is for a person to be able to take back control over their body.

2. Preparation is meditation: The process of creating a remedy, steeping a pot of tea or simmering a tincture is meditative. It forces the person to stop, focus on the present moment and leave the stress of the world for at least fifteen minutes. Imagine, now, doing this once or twice a day. This short meditative time a person takes each day to create a pot of tea or other remedy supports the healing process.

3. Five Senses to Heal: When a person is smelling, feeling, seeing, touching, and hearing the remedy during the preparation process this allows a person to use all five of their senses in the healing process. Any time a person can use all five senses to do anything it enhances the process in very powerful ways.

4. Inspire Others: When other family members or friends, especially children, see you creating healing formulas it can prompt discussion and inspire them to try the teas, tinctures or formulas themselves.

5. Travel Well: If you know how to use simple ingredients around you then you will have the tools to create healing remedies wherever you are. I don’t usually pack remedies for visits anymore because I know that I can create whatever I need from most people’s kitchen cupboards.

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