Why Isn’t Natural Healing Working For Me?

One of the aspects of holistic healing that is most beneficial to people is that it usually takes into account a person’s individual temperament and unique needs. I say, usually, because sometimes even “holistic” practitioners propagate the idea that “this herb, food, method or product” is good for everyone. Additionally, many new “home based natural products” companies are selling their products with labels that say “this is good for…”.

The best healers recognize that people are all individuals and that there is not one diet, food, medicine or system that is the best for “everyone”. Each person is able to heal more effectively and use the information they read and hear more effectively if they are aware of this.

For example, a person could read in a magazine that ginger is good for motion sickness. If they are not thinking in a holistic way, they might decide to try this remedy without any additional thought or research. Only later may they realize that because they have a very “hot” temperament that the ginger will actually make them more anxious and make their motion sickness worse.

If a person reads this article and is thinking in a holistic way they would look up the herb in a database, read about all of its properties, be aware of their own temperament, and decide if this herb fits them well or not.

Advertisements tell us: “This diet works for everyone! Everyone in Hollywood is using this!”

Magazine advertisements tell us: ‘This herb works for everyone! You will feel better!”

But what happens when it does not work? Often times people are discouraged and think something is wrong with them or they think they have been tricked or that the diet or medicine is worthless. What is usually happening is that they have simply found a solution that is a “poor fit” for them.

Armed with this knowledge, we have more confidence to try new things and not feel as discouraged by the failures. We have more knowledge so we can sometimes decide before we try something if it would be a “good fit” or not. Ultimately you save money and time.

So how can we tell if something will be a “good fit” without trying it first?

In many cases you can’t – but you can narrow the options significantly and save yourself a lot of money and time. In the many years of my work with natural therapies I have observed many people wasting time and money that could have been saved if they had simply been aware of their own temperment and researched the compatibility of what they were taking first.

Knowing one’s temperament can take the list of options you have and narrow them down to 25% or fewer options. Further research though personal preference (i.e: you don’t like certain foods) or consulting (with a natural health professional) can help you pinpoint your “ideal solution” exactly.

So if I could share one tip with everyone who wants to use natural medicine it would be – learn what your type is, know yourself, and then get to know the substances you are using to see if they would be a good fit.

We all need to keep aware of the fact that we are all unique and we all need unique solutions. Beware of anyone or any advertisement that says “This (herb/medicine) is good for (illness or complaint)” If the person does not know your temperament and life conditions, there is no way they can say that with confidence.

To read more about your temperament and how it can help you gain more knowledge about yourself visit our Temperament Page HERE. To register for a temperament consult visit this page HERE.

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