Wildlife Rescue and Education

Springtime is here and at the wildlife center we have baby opossums! They are so adorable! The even better news is that all of our baby animals come from captive breeding facilities (these facilities are set up around the country to support a diverse population of wild animals in captivity and prevent extinction of a species) and are not orphans.

In fact, did you know that 80% of wildlife babies that are brought into rescue facilities are not orphans? This is because the mothers (or parents) leave the babies and sit somewhere else to watch on purpose. They want to make sure they are not near the babies if any predator comes and if a predator does come they will run away to lure the predator away from the babies.

And who is the biggest predator? You! So, if you find a nest of baby rabbits, squirrels, possums, raccoons or even birds on the ground this spring PLEASE remember to leave them for 24 hours before turning them into a wildlife rescue facility or trying to adopt them yourself. Most likely the mother was around and ran away when you came to lure you away from the babies. She will come back as soon as you leave and move the babies so you can’t find them again!

My kids are really enjoying learning about all the different animals at the center and as volunteers we even get to bring some of them home with us at night! Do you have a local wildlife center, animal rescue or wildlife rescue facility near you? If so, they may need extra help this spring with all the baby animals. Take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity for your children and give them a call!

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