365 Days of Nature Walks: Day 2

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Along the way I will be sharing our favorite photo of the day, an inner work meditation for the day, photography assignment/tip for the day, nature walk theme for the day and a short verse for circle time (children) or meditation (teens/adults). We invite you to “walk along with us” this year, take some time to use the inner work meditation, be inspired by the nature walk theme of the day and perhaps even start a photo series of your own. To join the community on FacebookTwitter and Instagram please tag your photos #Earthschooling365. To receive these inspirations in your e-mail inbox daily please subscribe to our blog alerts HERE. Don’t worry about missing days – you can join us as many days as you want this year!

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#Earthschooling365: Day Two

March 2

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Inner Work Meditation (Heart): Some things you cannot photograph or record on your nature walk. Today I saw some trees in an enclave by a stream surrounded by fungi and roots. It was the most beautiful image and lighting. It was a wonderland. But I didn’t photograph it because I knew that what I remembered would be so much more vivid. I would never capture that moment. Think about this for ten minutes today. In this day and age of always wanting to “capture” moments on cell phones, tweets and Facebook posts can you focus on re-connecting with your memory today? Try not to record anything today. Just BE.

Nature Walk Idea (Head): Just BE today. Focus on experiencing the nature walk through all your senses this week. Of course you will see many things (sight). However, also make an effort to touch as many things as you can, stand in silence and listen, smell what is around you (even the unpleasant smells), and finally, you can even taste something on your walk. Today focus on sight. Look for details around you, identify colors, shapes, textures and hidden paths. Tomorrow we will focus on another sense.

Photography Notes (Hands): Now that you have chosen your lens what will be your tools? I’m purposely using a zoom lens that only reaches 200mm (not 300-500mm). Why? Because this forces me to only take pictures of animals and scenes I can get close to but does not require that I get too close that I disturb them. I don’t want to disturb the animals but I do want to develop a relationship with the surroundings around me. What tools will you choose? What color of pencils? What kind of writing? Poetry or journal? Browns or blues? If you would like to express yourself through painting consider our tutorials HERE.

Verse: The Fawn
Copyright Kristie Burns

Birthed in summer
Apprenticed in autumn
Initiated in winter
Rebirth in spring

*These poems have been created for many purposes – from early childhood circle time verses to inspirational or expressive. They vary from day to day so you may find the way you use them or enjoy them also varies.

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