365 Nature Walks: Day 102

#Earthschooling365: Day One Hundred and Two

Inner Work Meditation (Heart): Yesterday we talked about how it is important to take time to re-focus on your goals and try again. Today’s inner work will be to focus on ways we can move forward after being “derailed”. One of the most effective techniques is to simply know where the path is and to get back on the path. However, sometimes when you “get back on the path” you realize you no longer want to go there. It’s OK to let go of a goal or a “dream” you once had if it is no longer attractive to you. I wanted to be a lawyer, a ballerina, an actress, a model and a diplomat growing up. For some reason we think it is normal for a child to “change dreams” but we punish ourselves for the same thing. Today, meditate on a dream, person, place, or goal you may be holding on to simply for the sake of “holding on”. Can you let go of this dream and allow yourself to go where you are meant to be?

June 10 LY_res

Nature Walk Idea (Head): Today we saw a squirrel drinking out of a creek. As a human I could never drink out of that creek. It is filled with bacteria and diseases that my human body cannot handle. But the squirrel can. We also saw a heron perched on a dead tree about four stories up in the sky. As a human I can’t do that because the tree would not hold my weight and it would be hard for me to get up that high. What things do you see during your nature walk today that insects, animals or birds are doing that you cannot do? Could you do that action with help (like an airplane, parachute, water filter, etc…) or is it something humans will never be able to do?

Photography Notes (Hands): Today’s assignment is to use reflections or water to make a photo go beyond “normal”. We have done a reflection/water assignment before. However, sometimes when we take reflection or water photos the photo itself was already amazing even without the reflection. The reflection/water simply adds to the beauty of the photo. Today I want you specifically to take a boring subject and make it interesting using water or a reflection like I have done with the squirrel photo below. If you took away the green reflections in the water the photo would be a “common” and only slightly interesting photo of a squirrel. This assignment is to help you see that sometimes it is just one thing that can change a photo from “boring” to “interesting”. 

Verse: One
Copyright Kristie Burns

As he travels the tree
Ant follows a trail
The path like a one
As straight as a rail

One is the ant
His body so straight
He crawls up a leaf
With a linear gait

One is the thin leaf
The last to fall
On the old brown tree
That stands so tall

One is the tree
With bark so dried
Standing straight
After it has died

One is the heron
Facing the sun
Perched on the tree
Like the number one

One is the sun
A circle alone
In the blue sky
It’s light shown

*These poems have been created for many purposes – from early childhood circle time verses to inspirational or expressive. They vary from day to day so you may find the way you use them or enjoy them also varies. If you would like to set these poems to music consider our tutorial: Creating Your Ow Waldorf Verses or Finding Your Inner Voice.

June 10DX

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