365 Nature Walks: Day 108

#Earthschooling365: Day One Hundred and Eight

Inner Work Meditation (Heart): Today on the nature walk I noticed that the fairy house a lady had built along the trail had been moved and reduced in size. Most likely the reason was because the old fairy house was in the woods a bit farther out from the house and kids would knock it down every few weeks so she would have to build it over again and again. I admire how every time the house was knocked down she would simply build a newer and better one. And finally, she moved the house closer to her own house, but kept it. The fairy house is always there as a reminder that no matter what people do to what we build – we can stay strong by rebuilding again and again. It may take some adjusting (moving the building closer or modifying it) but each time we rebuild our structure becomes stronger and more beautiful.

June 16BX

Nature Walk Idea (Head): Today we saw a fairy house that someone had built along the trail. I happen to know the woman who made this fairy house. She is 72-years-old and sews fairy dolls that she sells to various galleries and collectors. She had built this in the woods a bit deeper into the forest but children kept coming along and knocking it over so she finally built this smaller version (below) in her yard to protect it. Today take some time to point out different things on your nature walk that humans or animals have taken time to built or create. Taking time to notice these things, express awe at them and respect them will teach children to feel the same and cultivates a deeper appreciation of nature.

Photography Notes (Hands): Over the next few days we will learn about the different kinds of focusing that are available on different cameras (some cameras have all the options available) and how and when to use them. The first focusing mode we will learn about is manual focusing mode. Manual focusing mode allows you to focus the camera lens yourself by moving the ring on the lens either right or left. In some cameras this is done by flipping a lever back and forth. The human eye cannot focus as accurately as modern electronic cameras can so it is usually best to use automatic focus. However, sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where the camera is confused about what subject to focus on. If you find the camera “searching” or “struggling” to focus this is usually the only time you will use the manual focus option.

June 16AX

Verse: Seven
Copyright Kristie Burns

Red, orange, yellow and green
Are four of the colors I have seen
Blue, indigo, and violet too
I see them all in the morning dew

As a rainbow rises from the ground
The seven colors swirl around
I often see rainbows every day
As I walk the trail and play

Red is the cardinal and the rose
Orange is the tiny robin’s nose
Yellow is the sun and the bee
Green are the leaves on the tree

Blue is the sky on a sunny day
Indigo when the weather is gray
Violet’s carpet the meadow dear
If you look closely rainbows are near

*These poems have been created for many purposes – from early childhood circle time verses to inspirational or expressive. They vary from day to day so you may find the way you use them or enjoy them also varies. If you would like to set these poems to music consider our tutorial: Creating Your Ow Waldorf Verses or Finding Your Inner Voice.

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