365 Nature Walks: Day 12

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Along the way I will be sharing our favorite photo of the day, an inner work meditation for the day, photography assignment/tip for the day, nature walk theme for the day and a short verse for circle time (children) or meditation (teens/adults). We invite you to “walk along with us” this year, take some time to use the inner work meditation, be inspired by the nature walk theme of the day and perhaps even start a photo series of your own. To join the community on FacebookTwitter and Instagram please tag your photos #Earthschooling365. To receive these inspirations in your e-mail inbox daily please subscribe to our blog alerts HERE. Don’t worry about missing days – you can join us as many days as you want this year!

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#Earthschooling365: Day Twelve

March 12C

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Inner Work Meditation (Heart): Today I stood to watch yet another woodpecker working hard for his meal and took many more photos of the woodpecker. When I got home and looked at the photos one of my first thoughts was, “But I already took photos of woodpeckers a few days ago”. It is sad how our minds have been trained to think that way – even after a beautiful nature walk. Today let’s work on re-training our minds to replace that thought with an appreciation for sameness. In modern society phones, computers and even books are being constantly updated, new flavors of ice cream, cereal and even catsup are endlessly being invented and anything new is celebrated as better. Take ten minutes today to reflect on how something can be celebrated more than once. Not everything must be new to be good. Think about opportunities you may be missing by always looking for something “new”. Perhaps what you are looking for is in an old book, an old blog post or something you already have on a shelf in your home.

Nature Walk Idea (Head): Your activity for today is to try to find the differences in “sameness” on your nature walk today. Have you ever tried to identify the different squirrels that come to your bird feeder or tried to tell the difference between each bird in a flock? It is quite difficult at first. This activity will be more or less challenging depending on which animal you choose. For younger children you may want to choose an easier subject like trees or plants as they have many obvious differences. When working with challenging subjects like birds, deer or other animals take note of blemishes, differences in shading and color, differences in size, the way the animal moves, sounds it makes and more. Can you spot differences that you didn’t see at first? If you want to teach or take a training course in how to recognize differences in nature check out our Outdoor Skills Block.

Photography Notes (Hands): Your assignment today is to take the same photo as you took at another time in the past week. If you are drawing, draw the same picture. If you are writing, write about the same topic. After you have finished take some time to observe this photo or other piece of art. Is it really the same? Why or why not? You will see that when dealing with nature nothing will ever really be “the same”. Part of taking good photos or creating great art is to notice the details that make things that are the “same” not really the “same”. Start to train your eye to see the differences and appreciate them.

Verse: The Colloquial “Same”
Copyright Kristie Burns

Deceptively different
Remaining yet transforming
Likes to wear a cloak of familiarity

*A Cinquain has five lines. The first line is the title word (noun), the second line is a two word description, the third line is three words of action, the fourth line is four words of feeling and the fifth line is one word (noun) that is a synonym for the title.

*These poems have been created for many purposes – from early childhood circle time verses to inspirational or expressive. They vary from day to day so you may find the way you use them or enjoy them also varies. If you would like to set these poems to music consider our tutorial: Creating Your Ow Waldorf Verses or Finding Your Inner Voice.

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March 12B

Assignment today – different perspective on same subject

March 12A

Assignment today – different perspective on same subject



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