365 Nature Walks: Day 17

This series takes you through an entire year of our nature walks and is part of our non-profit project #Earthschooling365 at www.Earthschooling.orgThe photos and posts in this series are all copyrighted. Please do not share or re-print them. Instead, share the link to this blog with your friends.

Along the way I will be sharing our favorite photo of the day, an inner work meditation for the day, photography assignment/tip for the day, nature walk theme for the day and a short verse for circle time (children) or meditation (teens/adults). We invite you to “walk along with us” this year, take some time to use the inner work meditation, be inspired by the nature walk theme of the day and perhaps even start a photo series of your own. To join the community on FacebookTwitter and Instagram please tag your photos #Earthschooling365. To receive these inspirations in your e-mail inbox daily please subscribe to our blog alerts HERE. Don’t worry about missing days – you can join us as many days as you want this year!

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#Earthschooling365: Day Seventeen

March 17AX

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Inner Work Meditation (Heart): This week I am observing the transformation from brown to green that nature makes as the first day of spring approaches. This transformation from green to brown energizes me and inspires me. As I see more and more green emerge each day I know that there is yet more beauty to come. This happens in our hearts as well. When we are creating something or making plans or transitioning into a new stage of our lives there are little signs that encourage us, inspire us and get us excited about continuing this journey. Take ten minutes today to meditate on one of those signs in your life. Your inspiration today could be the greenery of spring like it is for me, or it could be a painting you are doing that is developing slowly each day or perhaps even something you are building or one of your children that is growing up before your eyes. Take some time to think about what is “getting greener” in your life right now and feel the excitement that comes with that. I talk about this concept in more detail in the webinar, Becoming a Whole Mother.

Nature Walk Idea (Head): Don’t the little grass blades in the picture look so soft and cuddly? They are inviting me to pet them, just like a kitten or puppy. Surprisingly, though, they are actually quite prickly and wet. They were not what I expected. Have some fun today on your nature walk touching different things. However, before you touch them try to guess what they feel like first. Do you think they will be soft, prickly, wet, silky, hard, stiff, bendable, or…? Were you right or wrong?

Photography Notes (Hands): Today your assignment is to take a picture or examine something artistically close up. If you have a smart phone there are clips you can purchase for under $10.00 that will allow you to take close up photos of any subject. If you have a different camera you can use a close up lens, lens filer, or simply a telephoto lens to get close to your subject. You can choose to do an extremely close up macro-detailed photo or you can simply get closer to a subject that catches your eye like I did with the photo of the moss today. If you click on the photo you can see the details of the moss and the dew drops on the first sprigs of grass.

Verse: Spring Meditation
Copyright Kristie Burns

Spring you provoke me from my den
Animate me with a ballet of breeze
Embolden me with sinewy trees
Dewey moss in a hidden glen
Embraced by your feathered orchestra again
You enliven me with the buzz of bees
Infect me with your painting sprees
Singing at sunrise with the wren

Imbued with the promises you declare
Inflamed by your golden glowing sphere
All my senses you do ensnare
Do tell are your dalliances sincere?
Your bewitching face beyond compare?
Assurance is a  token as a souvenir

*A Petrarchan Sonnet, established by the Italian poet Petrarch, divides 14 lines into two sections: an eight-line stanza (octave) rhyming ABBAABBA, and a six-line stanza (sestet) rhyming CDCDCD or CDEEDE. As with all poetry you can add your own twist to the rules.

*These poems have been created for many purposes – from early childhood circle time verses to inspirational or expressive. They vary from day to day so you may find the way you use them or enjoy them also varies. If you would like to set these poems to music consider our tutorial: Creating Your Ow Waldorf Verses or Finding Your Inner Voice.

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