365 Nature Walks: Day 4

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#Earthschooling365: Day Four

March 4

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Inner Work Meditation (Heart): I am realizing that when I used to photograph people that it would often disconnect me from those around me. It was a process that removed me from relationships. However, in photographing nature one is connected more with their surroundings and is forming more of a relationship with nature. Take some time today to think about the things you are doing that disconnect you from those around you. How can you modify these things to turn them into connection opportunities? Meditate for 10 minutes today on how you can change one thing you do into a connection experience.

Nature Walk Idea (Head):  Focus on experiencing the nature walk through all your senses this week. Yesterday we focused on touch. Today we will focus on hearing. Stand still at various times during your nature walk and be quiet. Try to stay quiet for at least ten minutes. If you have children with you keep in mind that the guideline for children is  one minute for each year of their age. Anything beyond that is difficult for them. During this quiet time focus on what you hear. But don’t stop there. Have some fun with sounds. Put your ear against a tree trunk. Do you hear anything? Put your ear to the ground. What do you hear now? Tomorrow we will focus on another sense. Did you know there is a sound that robins make when they walk in the leaves? It is amazing to be able to know that sound, turn around and actually see a Robin. As your journey continues you will be able to identify more and more unusual sounds.

Photography Notes (Hands): Yesterday we talked about how light creates different colors in your pictures. Today we will talk about how light can create reflections in pictures. Reflection is a tool you can use in photography (and other artistic forms of expression) to enhance your pictures and create more interest. In this picture from today you can see the duck’s reflection in the water. Where are other places you can see reflections? I have seen reflections in my sunglasses, in someone’s eyes, in water, in puddles, in windows and even in little ponds and creeks. Take a photo today that includes a reflection.

Verse: Just a Duck
Copyright Kristie Burns

“It’s just a duck,” he said
And sadly shook his head
“It’s just a kid,” she said
And scratched her beak instead

*These poems have been created for many purposes – from early childhood circle time verses to inspirational or expressive. They vary from day to day so you may find the way you use them or enjoy them also varies. Would you like to learn how to set these verses to music? Consider our tutorial: How to Create Your Own Waldorf Verses

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More examples of reflections in photography today…

(In the bubble you can see a reflection of me taking a photo)

March 4C March 4B March 4A

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