365 Nature Walks: Day 99

#Earthschooling365: Day Ninety-Nine

Inner Work Meditation (Heart): When I look at the photos I have taken during this project over the past three years they make me happy and relaxed. Looking at each photo is like taking a little trip into a moment so beautiful and magical that I wanted to capture it on film. Studies on photos and memory have shown that photos can be a very powerful tool in meditation, creating a positive personal history and establishing positive relationships. Today’s inner work meditation is to choose one photo and enjoy looking at it for ten minutes. Think about the happy memories it evokes in you and try to remember as many details about the smells, tastes, sounds, sights and texture of the photo as you can. Think about why you took the photo.

June 7AX

Nature Walk Idea (Head): Today we saw a small fawn. She could not have been more than  a  few days old. She was stretching and bending – trying out her “new” legs. She was learning how to walk, itch her back, and flick her tail. She was exploring the creek bank all by herself (her mother must have been hidden nearby watching her or off foraging). What was fun about watching this fawn was that she made a lot of fun poses – many of which looked like yoga poses – as she explored. In the photo above she forms a triangle with her legs. Your nature walk project for today is to choose one animal, plant, insect or bird from your walk today and create some poses based on how that animal, plant, insect or bird moves.

Photography Notes (Hands): We’ve talked about leading lines in photos before and we’ve also talked about circles in photos. Today we will talk a bit about different shapes in photos. One way to add interest to a photo is find ways in which your subject creates different basic shapes in a photo. In the photo of the fawn above her legs create a triangle shape. Today’s assignment is to take a photo that features your subject creating a triangle in some way. You can find the triangle naturally, create it by framing your photo a certain way or you can take flowers, sticks or other objects in nature and arrange them into a triangle.

Verse: New Life
Copyright Kristie Burns

Mama Doe keeps watch from nearby brush
Wisely knowing she must not rush
Wobbling unsteady legs
Hungry cries as he begs
Miniature in size
Curious eyes
Speckled fur

**Nonet: A nine line poem, with the first line containing nine syllables, the next eight, so on until the last line has one syllable. Nonets can be written about any subject, and rhyming is optional.

June 7BX

*These poems have been created for many purposes – from early childhood circle time verses to inspirational or expressive. They vary from day to day so you may find the way you use them or enjoy them also varies. If you would like to set these poems to music consider our tutorial: Creating Your Ow Waldorf Verses or Finding Your Inner Voice.

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