Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Teaching Multiple Ages Together

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Question from Earthschooling Member: My kids are 21 months apart in ages and so they did a lot of things together. So now I am havinga little bit of a challenge teaching them separately. My daughter just turned 7 and my son is 8. It was easier when she was still involved in Kindergarten outside of the home. Your suggestion will be so appreciated. Thank you! – Claudia

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: Hi Claudia. Thanks for your question. I’m assuming that you are teaching two grades – first and second. The Earthschooling blog has some resources for teaching multiple ages. The posts can be found HERE. To make life easier for everyone, I recommend combining as much as possible.

Suggestions: morning circle, singing/poetry, handwork, flute, language and math skills, foreign language, form drawing, beeswax/clay modeling, painting.

Create a plan, a framework, that allows for flexibility, but that has an inherent rhythm. Know your goals for the year, implement monthly with a time for you to reflect how things are working out. The children will be changing, curriculum needs may be changing, and this allows you the time to change things up in an upcoming block.

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