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10 Tips on Teaching Different Ages Together

1. Always have an older child teach a younger child something when possible. That way you have two children occupied and one less Main Lesson to teach πŸ™‚ I remember my second grader used to help me with all my classes when she was little. She was like a mini...
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Should My Children of Different Ages Do Art at the Same Time?

Question from Member: Should My Children of Different Ages Do Art at the Same Time? I think homeschoolers have a challenging setup when we have multiple kids at differing abilities. My 4 yr old criticizes her work (she’s four!! And I’ve NEVER been negative about hers or any of my children’s work)...
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Out of the Classroom

I love Earthschooling because we spend so much time out of the “traditional classroom”. I adore books and have shelves filled with them. However, what always amazes me is how easily and effortlessly we learn outside of the traditional “textbook and classroom” methods. Today was a perfect example of getting...
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