Ask a Waldorf Teacher: What is the Best Way to Add Eurythmy?

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Question from Earthschooling Member:  What is the best way to add eurythmy to our schedule? I have ages 9yo, 6yo, and 18 months. I have no experience with eurythmy but plan to use earthschool and the book movement for the young child. I wish there was someone local to take this on for me. Is it ok for us all to do the same thing? Do we set it was a block or is it daily or weekly? Do I need the props and where would I get them? My middle is also the type who will watch but not participate until he is sure he knows what to do. Thank you! – Jessica L.

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: In a Waldorf school, eurythmy is usually taught by grade. If a school had a eurythmist on staff, a class may have 2 classes per week throughout the year. If there is a visiting eurythmist, a class my get a 6-8 wk block with a weekly class schedule. If you have a local school interested in bringing in a eurythmist they might post a job opening at or contact the eurythmy schools to post an opening with them. Copper rods and balls and eurythmy shoes are available on line from Mercurius and other suppliers. You may want to start with a level that everyone could participate in while familiarizing yourself with the other levels and perhaps searching for a teacher to assist you and your family.  I’m not familiar with the curriculum that Cynthia is offering so I’d like Kristie to have a chance to respond to that part.

Note from Kristie: Thank you Diane! I think the “how many times” and how to work with the different ages was the main concern Jessica had and you have provided the answers she needs. For more “in depth” help – Earthschooling is the only online Waldorf curriculum that includes eurythmy lessons. Our eurythmy teacher, Cynthia Hoven, has provided documents on how to use her lessons. You may find additional helpful information in those documents found in the teacher tutorial section on your curriculum page. Cynthia has also written the following articles on our website that you may find helpful: Why Study Eurythmy? (found here: , Eurythmy, the Art of Sacred Dance and Movement (found here: and Eurythmy and the Homeschooling Movement (found here:

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