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A Winter Nature Story for Everyone

This is a wonderful secular seasonal story because it teaches the values of giving and kindness without talking about any particular holiday. Additonally, it can be told in countries where there are not fir trees because other kinds of trees are mentioned in the story as well and all children...
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Advent Ribbon Craft & Cookie Tradition

This year Pagan Advent (the four Sundays before Winter Solstice on December 21st) and Christian Advent (the four Sundays before Christmas) coincide with both beginning on November 30. So, starting November 30, there are 4 Sundays until the winter solstice, or the end of advent, this makes 22 days until...
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The Wintergarten Spiral Walk

As children place their lanterns on the spiral the spiral is lit Everyone sings When the child arrives at the end of the spiral I light their lantern Planning an event for the community can seem daunting but with a little creativity it can be easy and simple. We hold our Wintergarten...
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Advent Ribbon with Cookies and Story Tradition

  This year Advent starts on Sunday, December 2nd and ends December 24th, 2012. A couple years ago we created a special “ribbon” calendar – the picture above is a collage that shows some different angles and close-ups. We can now use this each year! Different stones for each season...
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The Journey of Analise

Don’t forget to listen to The Journey of Analise this year with your children. This is an original story created by me and is told in 10-15 minute “chapters” each day for the 24-26 days leading up to Christmas (flexible start time). It was originally part of an Advent story...
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