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Consulting Tips

Student Question: I have a question: I think I read in Dr. Hobbs materials that no matter the quality of a remedy, it does little good if the taste is unpalatable to the patient and cannot get him/her to ingest it. As such, he seemed in favor of sweetening. Of...
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Essential Oils on a Budget

As you know I like to post excerpts from student exams/assignments that I feel would be helpful or informative to other students. Here are some from the exams/assignments I looked at this week so far… *One student says “I needed Myrrh and Helicrysum but since they were expensive I purchased...
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Berber Remedies

Assignment Excerpt: Saima Shah Saima interviewed someone for assignment seven for The Medicine of Avicenna. She is exploring how people use natural medicines in other cultures. We love learning new things from our students and thought you would enjoy this as well… I asked Zabeyda if she used any herbs...
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By Student, Jill Dyktsra All forms of dairy contain two main types of protein, casein and whey. The casein in cow’s milk is often considered more dangerous than the casein in milk of sheep or goats because most cows have far more A1-beta caseins in their milk. T. Colin Campbell,...
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Humility in Consulting

By Student Catherine DeLong There are several factors involved in a health practitioner being an effective consultant for women. One is to be as well-informed as possible. The health practitioner’s duty is to provide their clientele with the most well-educated, well-researched and reliable, current information in order for them to...
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