Exercising Early in Life is Rewarded

Waldorf Principle Explored: Nature Walks & Outdoor Play

Playing outdoors and taking daily nature walks are an important part of Waldorf education. They are not considered “just recess” or “gym class” but are considered an integral part of the entire educational process. Classes from ages preschool through high school take daily nature walks and are encouraged to spend as much time moving or being outdoors as possible. Students also take part in daily movement exercises as well as using movement in their daily lessons. This daily physical activity is beneficial to the student’s development. The article below explores the connection…

University of California Research

More than one in three adults in the United States is considered to be obese. What impact can exercise done early in life have on the propensity for exercising during the adult years?A team of researchers at the University of California, Riverside did experiments on mice in the lab to find out. Specifically, they evaluated the effects of early exercise on adult physical activity, body mass, food consumption and circulating leptin levels.

They found that early-age exercise in mice has positive effects on adult levels of voluntary exercise in addition to reducing body mass — results that may have relevance for the public policy debates concerning the importance of physical education for children.

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