Expanded Spanish Color Verse

By Member, Karen Wright

My son loved learning the Red is Rojo song in the Kindergarten curriculum, but both of us wanted more colors, so we wrote a second verse together. We also changed brown to marrón instead of cafe because that is what we had seen before and it has the same number of syllables. We added gold and silver because when we were looking at a chart of the colors my son saw them and wanted them and we needed them to round out the verse. You have to say orange in one syllable, and “colores” has to be sung sort of quickly:) Todos los colores: All the colors. You could sing “these are the colors.”

Red is Rojo (to the tune of Brother John)

Red is rojo, green is verde
blue azul, negro black
yellow amarillo, purple is morado
grey is gris, brown marrón.

Pink is rosa, white is blanco,
indigo anil, dorado is gold,
orange is anarajado, silver plateado,
todos los colores, todos los colores.

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