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The Bee – Verse for Kindergarten and First Grade Waldorf Earthschooling Members

The Bee Oh! busy bee, On wing so free, Yet all in order true; Each seems to know, Both where to go, And what it has to do. ‘Mid summer heat, The honey sweet, It gathers while it may; In tiny drops, And never stops To waste its time in...
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Block Crayons and Developmental Skills

Question from Esther: I have a question about Stockmar vs Filana crayons. We have found that the Filana transfers to the paper much more easily, but you can still get different results applying different pressures. I would like to know if there is a reason why Stockmar for Waldorf other than...
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Should I Instruct a KG Student During Block Crayon Lessons?

Question from Member: Should I Instruct a KG Student During Block Crayon Lessons? I was just watching the block coloring tutorial video and was hoping to get come clarification. My child is kindergarten and my understanding was at this age everything should be by imitation, giving the child little or no...
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