Experiential Science

Experiential Science: The Earthschooling 365 Project Example

We believe that wildlife can only thrive in a world where there is a healthy environment, people retain a sense of wonder and closeness with the natural world around them, and pass that relationship to their children, friends, and family. Our goal is to inspire others to become more involved in conservation and deepen their relationship with nature and the natural world through participation in the Earthschooling365 project, and through leading workshops in nature journaling and conservation photography. We also provide photo services to non-profits and other organizations that work with the environment for the purposes of helping them further their conservation efforts.

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Observational and Experimental Science in Waldorf Education

Children in the Woods: Hardcover

Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments

Astronomy for Young and Old

Eric Sloane’s Book of Storms – Hurricanes, Twisters and Squalls

The Biodynamic Orchard Book

Science Titles from the Golden Beetle Books Curriculum

World Within – Child Without: A First and Second Grade Science Curriculum: Digital Edition

Into Calm: A Fifth and Sixth Grade Science Curriculum: Digital Edition

La Pleroma! A Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Curriculum: Digital Edition

Hathor the Moon Cow: Sex and Family Education: Digital Edition

A Phenomena-Based Physics

A Phenomena-Based Physics – Volume 1 for Grade 6

A Phenomena-Based Physics – Volume 2 for Grade 7

A Phenomena-Based Physics – Volume 3 for Grade 8

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