Fenugreek and Kidneys

FenugreekI am in awe at the amount of transformation I witness each month from nutritional changes clients make. Even after 20 years of consulting work it still amazes me that such small changes and such innocent looking food items can change people’s lives in the way they do. What is amazing is that these food items are not found in glossy magazine ads or TV ads with all the “bells and whistles”. In some cases, these foods are not even very attractive or found at very many restaurants.

This month I want to share with you a situation where a client wrote to me and shared that she used just one herb to save her kidneys. Tammy (not her real name) was taking medication that the doctor warned her would be very tough onher kidneys. He advised her to make sure she was drinking enough water, not to take more than the prescription recommended and to come back and see him each month.

However, although Tammy did as she was told tests showed that her kidneys were already starting to function less efficiently after a year on her medication. To compound the problem it was not safe for her to go off the medication and she did not want to start the
process of transitioning to an herbal substitute. The solution she used was to use an herb that has been used historically to protect kidneys. Resources told her that this herb would protect them not only from the daily damage they were experiencing but it was also an herb that was compatible with the medication she was taking and with her temperament.

After much research and a temperament consult she chose Fenugreek, a hot and dry herb. After only three weeks of drinking fenugreek tea twice daily, Tammy’s tests showed improved kidney function. She also reported feeling happier and having more energy and better digestion. It is always a bonus when a remedy has GOOD side effects!

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