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Creating Warmth in Your Home

A recent study has shown that people who have a warm beverage in their hands rate a stranger’s personality as warmer than those without the warm beverage and are more likely to be agreeable in negotiations. The same effect can be seen with touching soft things and being surrounded by...
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Natural Remedies for Menopause and Other Common Ailments

I was listening to a good friend complain about menopause symptoms the other day when finally I couldn’t resist asking her – why haven’t you done anything to prevent them? She seemed surprised. Even after hearing me talk frequently about the alternative therapy methods I use on my own family,...
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Dealing with Blame and Guilt on a Healing Journey

Over the past two decades of consulting I’ve met a large number of clients who are letting blame and guilt negatively affect their lives. This blame and guilt not only motivates their actions in negative ways, but also adds stress which reflects in increased system imbalances. For many years I...
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Ten Ways to Renew Your Hope in Healing

Someone spoke to me today on a casual basis today about an ailment they had. I mentioned some solutions that I would try for myself but their response was “I have tried everything”. They seemed very worn out from all the effort as well and didn’t seem enthusiastic about trying...
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Pumpkin Smoothie for Balance & Nutrition

Pumpkin Smoothies are one of my favorite autumn treats and the best part of them is that they are super healthy as well! They are filled with vitamins, minerals and even protein and calcium. When you drink a pumpkin smoothie you are helping your body balance in so many ways....
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