Food as Medicine

In the past 25 years I’ve seen food help and hurt people in so many ways. If you think about it using logic it is not that surprising. Over the counter and prescription medicine is given to us in doses because they all have effects on the body. People know that food also has an effect on the body but they don’t really think twice about “overdosing” on some foods or mixing them in ways that don’t agree with our bodies – especially sugar, bread, coffee, wine and other favorite food items. If we considered the real effects of the food we ate we would definitely respect it more.

Did you know…

1. Some foods can raise blood pressure or lower blood pressure?

2. Some foods can raise and lower blood sugar? If you are diabetic or know someone who is you are already familiar with this.

3. Foods can raise your body temperature or lower it?

4. Some foods can cause anxiety in some people?

5. Food intolerances can cause mood swings and mimic a great number of illnesses?

Here are some of my favorite stories:

1. A client who lowered her blood pressure in just one month by eating anything she wanted – all she did was stop eating out at restaurants (the secret? Most restaurants serve foods high in sodium).

2. A client that lost weight by eliminating only one item from her diet that was not suitable to her temperament.

3. A client who figured out that when she combined foods she was sensitive too in different ways that her sensitivity was greatly decreased.

4. A client that stopped an asthma attack at a friend’s house by using a spice she found in her cupboard – thus saving herself a trip to the ER from a remote location.

If you are interested in learning more and/or becoming certified as a Nutritional Consultant you can also enroll in Nutritional Healing at The Avicenna Institute. As a Nutritional Consultant you can offer your services online, to grocery stores, health food stores and clients at your office.

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