Herbal Well-Being – No Tea Involved!

One of my challenges as a consultant is not just finding the right solution for a client, but also the right way for them to use that solution. Not everyone likes herbal tea,  capsules or the often bitter taste of tinctures. And the first thing you learn as a consultant is that “a solution is only as good as it is useful”. If a client is not going to use the therapy suggested then it is of no use. In a video I made last year I show people ten different ways to take herbs (see video below). I would like to add one method to that video.

When you visit a juice bar today they will ask you if you want a “supplement” in your juice. This is a great way to take supplements or herbs for someone who likes juice and smoothies but does not like pills or herbs. Instead of paying $2.00 for a supplement that may not be perfectly suited to you, however, it is better to add your own supplements to your smoothie. To do this:

1. Purchase or make the smoothie.
2. Empty three capsules of your herbal supplement into your smoothie (or one of each of three kinds of herbs). If it is store purchased then just stir them in or put the finished smoothie in the blender and blend it again. If it is a smoothie you are making then just add the supplement to the smoothie while you are blending.

Combinations I have recently used include:
A. Pau D’arco capsules for yeast infection
B. Hawthorne capsules for circulation
C. Nettles and Alfalfa for nutrition along with some “real veggie” capsules.
D. Marshmallow and Slippery Elm for sore throat

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