Increase Your Energy – Tips from Group Consulting

We had a great session about increasing your energy levels naturally. Here are some little tidbits from the session that I wanted to share because they are things that people don’t often think about when they think of increasing their energy levels. Sometimes being a healer is a bit like being a detective. First you need to find out the “culprit” – what is guilty for the problem. Only then can you find an appropriate remedy. From this example you can see how everyone’s “energy-level” problems are not the same. This was taken from a discussion with one of the people in attendance. The same solutions would not have been suitable for other people who attended the session:

Kristie (40 minutes into the session): I was going in the direction of adrenal/kidney too…but also because of the belly dancing and yoga which can sometimes put extra stress on the Kidney/Adrenal area. Both of these activities are very nourishing and strengthening in many ways but I have seen with a lot of clients that when they do them they need to be extra diligent with the Kidney/Adrenal area.

Sara (*name changed for privacy) I try to drink nourishing teas daily – oatstraw, nettles, alfalfa…and (when I remember, or have time ; )) I like to add licorice and ashwaganda to the mix. I have been noticing a bit of a difference since I’ve been doing this.

Kristie : I would continue with the herbs but would be careful with the licorice (it can sometimes cause blood sugar fluctuations in people even though in others it can stabilize it) and I would add some dandelion to it. You can also add – daily – a cup of celery-carrot juice in the morning – and any green/leafy vegetables (you can even add these to the juice). I find a smoothies or fresh made juice or two each day is an easy and quick way to get nutrition and healing when one is busy (she mentioned earlier how being busy was impacting her healing choices).

Session continues…

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