Inspiring Story of Healing for the Holidays

Clara (not her real name) came to me only one month ago with anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. However, all she asked for help with was her high blood pressure. I told her that I could not help her specifically with her blood pressure but I could do a healing temperament evaluation for her to help her balance her body according to her temperament and that would help her to be the healthiest she could be. She agreed to start her healing journey & share it with you.

After Clara filled out a client evaluation form it was apparent that her unique temperament profile included a large portion of the sanguine temperament. It was also apparent that there were many things we could harmonize in her life to help her be the best she could be – she was not getting enough sleep, she was stressing herself by taking on too much work, she was eating out almost every day, she was not exercising and so much more. It was overwhelming just to read about it so I knew it would be overwhelming for her to think about changing so many things.

However, using the wisdom of her temperament profile I was able to define where to start “untangling the ball of yarn”. From working with clients for more than 18 years I’ve discovered that if you can get a client to work on just one thing for at least 2-3 weeks that the other things become much easier. The reason many people fail in their attempts to lead a healthier lifestyle is not because they don’t know how or lack willpower – it is because they take on too much at once. Healing is a process – not a conversion.

With Clara we decided to simply start by cutting out her consumption of fast food. She didn’t cut out the fat, calories, sugar or processed treats – she simply cut out the fast food. She didn’t start exercising or sleep more – she just cut out fast food. Why did we decide to start there? Because her unique temperament profile showed that she has a very high sensitivity to sodium intake and this was the one factor among all of them would cause the most imbalance in a her system.

Just three weeks into her program she registered normal blood pressure. But that was not all! She also reported that she had been naturally sleeping better, she had more energy, she was less depressed, less anxious and even had a normal cycle for the first time in two years. And because she felt more energetic she had actually been exercising more. And an extra bonus? Her only child, a daughter, who had been recently diagnosed with symptoms of ADHD was suddenly focusing on her school work better, was calmer and more at peace.

This story has so many more details but I wanted to share the general story with you all because I want to hold Clara up as an example to everyone – you don’t need to suffer or make multiple life changes overnight to improve your life. If you look at your unique temperament profile and your needs, you could start with the one thing that will make the biggest difference and inspire yourself to continue on the journey and change your life.

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