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Jamie York, author, Waldorf math educator, and math missionary, created the Making Math Meaningful™ series as a developmentally-based math curriculum. Its goal is to strengthen basic skills, foster mathematical thinking, and spark enthusiasm for learning. The mission of Jamie York Press Inc is to inspire teachers to re-imagine mathematics and summon the courage to get off the math skills hamster wheel to bring real math to their students.

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Making Math Meaningful™  Book Set Example

Making Math Meaningful: An 9th Grade Student’s Workbook

Making Math Meaningful: A 9th Grade Workbook, Teacher’s Edition

Making Math Meaningful: Answer Key for the 9th Grade Workbook

Making Math Meaningful™  Books for Fifth through Twelfth Grade Available HERE

BEarth Academy Curriculum Options

BEarth Academy: Math Package: Ninth Grade

BEarth Academy: High School Edition: Ninth Grade

BEarth Academy Offerings for Fifth through Twelfth Grade Available HERE

Golden Beetle Books Math Titles

Journey to Numeria: A First and Second Grade Math Curriculum: Digital Edition

Archios – Spirit of Number: A Third and Fourth Grade Math Curriculum: Digital Edition

What is X? Why is Y?: A Seventh and Eighth Grade Math Curriculum: Digital Edition

More Math Titles from Waldorf Books

Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci: Hardcover

Triangle, Circle, and Soul

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