Watercolor Foundations FULL SET: Parts One, Two & Three

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These videos, exclusive to Earthschooling, were created by Waldorf teacher Rick Tan and take you through all the foundations in wet-on-wet watercolor painting. Each video is approximately 20-30 minutes long. To view details about each video in the series you can link to the descriptions below.

“Through the idea that the medium of wet-on-wet watercolor is a communion – a synergistic relationship between us and our world – we develop a sense of purpose. We engage with the world and see the beauty and wonder that is there. We strive to do good in the world with pure and loving intent” – Rick Tan

Part One: Description

Part One Sample

Watercolor Foundations: Part One: Sample 

Part Two: Description

Part Two Sample

Watercolor Foundations: Part Two: Sample 

Part Three: Description

Part Three Sample

Watercolor Foundations: Part Three: Sample 

“Wet on wet watercolor is a way of seeing yourself and this can be a powerful tool for change” – Rick Tan