Watercolor Foundations: Part One

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This video, exclusive to Earthschooling, was created by Waldorf teacher Rick Tan and takes you through all the foundations in wet-on-wet watercolor painting. This is the first video in our three-part “Watercolor Foundations” series but is also a stand-alone tutorial.

The video, Waldorf Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Foundations: Part One shows the teacher how to work with one color, how to work with two colors that do not combine and how to work with many colors than combine together. Using the techniques in the video and the two accompanying documents (one guide and one supplement by Rick Tan) you can create more than 23 lessons to use as you introduce wet-on-wet watercolor painting to your classes.

These techniques are suitable for a teacher who needs to learn wet-on-wet watercolor painting (we recommend you start with part one and work your way through all the foundation videos), or to teach students who are in kindergarten, first or second grade. These lessons are also suitable for a student of any age if they are being introduced to wet-on-wet watercolor for the first time.


Watercolor Foundations: Part One: Sample