Watercolor Foundations: Part Two

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This video, exclusive to Earthschooling, was created by Waldorf teacher Rick Tan and takes you through all the foundations in wet-on-wet watercolor painting. This is the second video in our three-part “Watercolor Foundations” series but is also a stand-alone tutorial.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be preparing for watercolor lessons with your student(s) while also relaxing, meditating and doing your own inner work? This is what the Rick Tan’s landscape watercolor video will do for the teacher/parent.

You will be amazed when you see what Rick Tan teaches you to do with just the color blue. You will then advance from one-color landscapes to multi-color landscapes and scenes. After watching the tutorial you will be able to become “friends with water” and be able to create amazing landscapes with your student(s).

The techniques are not all you will learn. Watching him create the paintings from beginning to end is so much better than someone telling you theory or showing you a picture. With each stroke of the brush you watch you are learning more.

“Wet on wet watercolor is a way of seeing yourself and this can be a powerful tool for change” – Rick Tan

The video, Waldorf Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Foundations: Part Two shows the teacher how to create forms and content by painting scenes from nature. You will explore the sky, sea, land and foliage. You will no longer be painting free form or random shapes. This video tutorial advances you and your students to reproducing actual scenes from nature or creating your own nature scenes from your imagination.

These techniques are suitable for a teacher who needs to learn wet-on-wet watercolor painting (If you are a beginner with wet-on-wet watercolor painting you may want to watch Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Foundations: Part One where we explored character and color.), or to teach students who are in first through 9th grade.


Watercolor Foundations: Part Two: Sample