Watercolor Foundations: Part Three

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This video, exclusive to Earthschooling, was created by Waldorf teacher Rick Tan and takes you through all the foundations in wet-on-wet watercolor painting. This is the third video in our three-part “Watercolor Foundations” series but is also a stand-alone tutorial.

In this video tutorial we will continue to build on what we learned in parts one or two (or the foundations you already have in wet-on-wet watercolor techniques – part one and two are not required before you use this video as long as you already have a basic foundation in watercolor). The past techniques we learned included lifting off, painting in, use of different widths and edges of the brush, modulation of pigments from rich to diluted, and the use of perspective with a background, middle ground and foreground.

These techniques are demonstrated again as you watch the video and learn to create three different kinds of paintings – an ‘animal/underwater’ scene, an ‘historic landscape’ scene, and a ‘landscape with person’ painting. However, during this episode the speaking focus is on the five basics of wet-on-wet watercolor painting: control, content, color, character, and communion. Landscape is no longer the main subject but the frame for our main subject.

The video, Waldorf Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Foundations: Part Three introduces three amazing paintings to the teacher/student including “Underwater Turtles”, “Stonehenge on the Hill” and “Horseman on the Mountain by the River”. The techniques you learn creating these paintings can be used to create hundreds of additional paintings for different lessons in your classroom.

How and where you use these painting lessons is only limited by your imagination. We provide you with many ideas for students in first grade through high school.

“Through the idea that the medium of wet-on-wet watercolor is a communion – a synergistic relationship between us and our world – we develop a sense of purpose. We engage with the world and see the beauty and wonder that is there. We strive to do good in the world with pure and loving intent” – Rick Tan


Watercolor Foundations: Part Three: Sample