Space Clearing Reminder

We often forget how simple healing can be and how taking care of just the basic things in our life can heal us. Water – air – and our environment can all heal us if we take care to drink enough, breathe deeply enough and clear our space. I send this reminder out once a year – these are my instructions on how to give your space a regular and easy “space clearing”:

Basic 10-Step Initial Space Clearing

1. Clean your home (or the space you are clearing)

2. Put things where they belong

3. Throw out anything and everything that you do not need.

4. Take a ceramic or glass bowl and fill it half with sand. Make a little hole in the sand and fill it with sage leaves. Set them on fire and walk slowly around the house with your “sage fire” distributing the smoke. Concentrate especially on the corners and entryways of the rooms.

5. Buy some fresh fruits – including at least one or two unusual ones and place them in a basket in your kitchen.

6. Buy some fresh flowers. Place one bunch in your living room and one in your bedroom. Yellow is good for the bedroom. (if fresh flowers are too expensive for weekly. Buy two cheerful plants or two multi-bright-colored scarves and put them in these rooms)

7. Buy (or unpack) an aromatherapy candle and place it in your bathroom. Burn it for two hours.

8. Place a beeswax candle on your dining room table with a small houseplant (Such as a baby cactus or flowering or green plant – whatever appeals to you).

9. Play some music that you enjoy for one hour in the space. Even if you are not in the space.

10. Sit down in the space for 10 minutes and think only positive thoughts. One of the best meditations for this ten minutes is to focus on what you are thankful for.

This is a fantastic project to do with children. We have a full space clearing lesson plan (with stories, verses, specifics and activities) available for all Earthschooling members (see your enrichment pages or write to us for your copy).

In general – create a beautiful perfect world for people to come into and invite them in. Don’t let people come in and create or change the atmosphere of your home. You control it. If someone comes and leaves a bad “impression” on your home or you have a fight or a serious discussion. Burn the aromatherapy candles, burn some sage, buy some more fresh flowers and re-new YOUR space that you control.


  1. Hello, Kristie!

    I am interested in the space clearing lesson to use with kids, but I can’t seem to find it through the search option. I am a lifetime member, so I think this lesson is part of my membership.

    Can you let me know how to access it or send it to me?

    Michelle M.

    Michelle Menegaz
    • Hi Michelle! You can find the Space Clearing Supplemental Lesson Block on the KG and G1 Enrichment Pages (link from the main curriculum page).


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