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How Childhood Anxiety Could Change the Brain

Waldorf Principles Explored: Inner Work, Rhythm Waldorf education teaches the importance of daily inner work for the teacher and the influence of this task on one of the most important aspects of the Waldorf classroom – rhythm & balance. Creating peace, balance, & rhythm are central to Waldorf education. This article...
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The Yin and Yang of Teaching

Our Inner Work meditation for this week is on the Yin and Yang of homeschooling. Take some time to reflect on this short meditation before you start your lessons today. Let your thoughts inspire you for the coming week! When a homeschooling parent plans out lessons, crafts and activities, leads...
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Discipline in the Waldorf Classroom

As we were returning home from our travels yesterday we stopped at a rest stop to use the bathrooms. My youngest, who is quite particular about things, entered the restrooms, and immediately came out again exclaiming, “THAT is disgusting. I am not using those!” I was a little embarrassed because...
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How to Be the Best Parent or Teacher

A scene from a TV show I saw once sticks in my mind. In this scene one man at the hospital apparently characterized as the “extreme melancholic” had a great body because he followed a very strict and disciplined routine. So another gentleman at the hospital (I don’t know his name so...
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