Ten Ways to Renew Your Hope in Healing

Someone spoke to me today on a casual basis today about an ailment they had. I mentioned some solutions that I would try for myself but their response was “I have tried everything”. They seemed very worn out from all the effort as well and didn’t seem enthusiastic about trying to heal anymore. They had accepted their “state of being” and had moved on to “dealing instead of healing”. I have seen this in so many people before so I wanted to share some tips that can keep you going. There IS a solution to your problem. The “trick” is just to find it and sometimes that can be a bit like being a detective. Here are some tips to renew your enthusiasm and hope:

1. Write down on paper what you have tried in the past. Have you really “tried everything”? Sometime people will try an herb for two weeks (not long enough at all) or will try a method that was not suited to them (aromatherapy for someone who dislikes scents) and will feel discouraged from a few bad experiences. Be honest with yourself – write your past trials down and be honest about which ones can really count as “trying”. You may even find your increased awareness will cause you to see these past efforts in a different light. Perhaps you tried an herb three years ago but since then you have learned more about how herbs work and you realize that you didn’t use it long enough or use enough of the herb.

2. Using this list start another list so you have a checklist to work from. It is often much more satisfying to have a check list and be able to check things off than it is to just keep following different ideas, magazine articles and random suggestions for the next “trial”. Be sure to include accupuncture, reflexology, at least four different herbs, aromatherapy, IET, Kinesiology, Feldenkrais, nutritional therapy (are you still smoking, drinking soda or a lot of coffee?), and more.

3. Have you only worked with one or two health care practitioners? In serious cases the minimum recommended (by doctors themselves) is three. You need to consult with at least three people. Sometimes you can actually get part of the picture from each person and their help together is what will make the difference.

4. You CAN use alternative medicine and your doctor together. Just make sure you tell each of them what you are doing and that the alternative therapist is aware of what medicines you are taking.

5. It is OK to say “I am taking a break – I am worn out trying things”. This is valid. Sometimes seeing different practitioners, being poked, prodded and questions can be stressful. Sometimes a person just needs some time to “be”. Give yourself some time but don’t say “I am giving up”. When you feel rested again go back to your list and try again.

6. Sometimes it takes a long time for a deep-seated ailment (like fibromyalgia) to heal. You could actually be slowly healing and not know it and one day you would wake up and realize you feel better for the first time in years. If you have found a therapy or herb that seems to be taking you in the right direction don’t give up on it because it is not working instantly.

7. You need to use two therapies – one for the short term and one for the long-term. So, for example, if you have asthma you need to do something to help you through your attacks but you also need to do something to heal your body so the problem goes away. Modern medicine, some herbal therapies and OCDs often focus on the short-term solitions. Some herbal therapies focus on the long-term solutions only. You need a little bit of both.

8. Talk to someone new who will listen to all your past experiences and help you do some detective work. Even I go to someone else when I am looking for help. An outside opinion is the best way to see a situation. I work with a lot of clients online at www.HerbnHome.com who send me their past records and lists. By taking all of this into account we are able to design a new direction for them and refresh their options.

9. Take a look at your ailment. It may be hard to admit, but a lot of people become comfortable with their ailment and in some ways they don’t want to heal. Before you knock yourself off this list I will share with you that I have done this before and didn’t want to admit it myself. Sometimes having an illness or disability (through illness) can help you gain more sympathy, will inspire your husband or wife to help you more or be more sympathetic, will enable you to work at home or will gain you special treatment or be a convenient excuse for a number of overwhelming responsibilities. To find out if you may be preventing yourself from healing ask yourself this difficult question – “despite my pain and suffering, how is this illness actually bennefiting me?” Once you can answer this question you can move beyond the situation.

10. Do something completely new in your life. Often we get into a routine that is comfortable and it is only by changing that routine that we can “spark” our inspiration and energies again. Some routine changing ideas – go to a new restaurant, try a new recipe from a different country, take an online course, travel to another town (even one next door) to see something unusual there (even if it is the largest yarn ball in the world ;), take a nature walk at a park you have not been to for a long time, get a pet, visit or contact an old friend…

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