Three Days to Healing

If I was only able to get one message to my clients and students I would want to share with them that healing can be free and it can start in less than 3-days. What I have found in over 20 years of doing healing work is that it is not the process that is difficult, it is us, as people, that make it difficult.

If we can focus on changing the basics in our lives we can make changes that are instant and long-lasting. It always amazes me that we don’t make the choice to do this more often and I often ponder why that is.

Is it because we were raised in a society where everyone “went to the doctor” to get “medicine”?

Is it because we were raised to fear germs, get immunizations and take expensive vitamins?

Do we have this belief now that everything has to be complex?

Or is it simply that when one is sitting on the couch feeling miserable it seems so difficult to get up and do anything about it (I’ve been there)?

To encourage new clients I like to share with them how quickly their lives can change if they start by focusing on the basics of life first and set a 3-day goal, before they see a health care professional* and before they take any herbs or start on any therapies. This can encourage people in two ways – it is free and does not involve any financial investment. And it is a very short-term goal. Most people can do something for three days. However, if you tell them to do something for three weeks it can seem like forever! This process is also very beneficial to the client and the health care professional. These three days can provide valuable data on what sensitivities the client has, what helps the client feel better, what makes the client feel worse and how deep the issue is.

You can use these same tips for yourself to start the healing process in your own body and to encourage yourself to move forward with more efforts.

Your Three-Day Plan

1. Sleep 8 hours for each of the next three days: sleep is so important that if you sleep less than 6.5 hours a night your blood sugar levels can become diabetic. To return your blood sugar levels to normal you only need to have a regular sleep schedule for 72 hours. Many other health problems that are caused by lack of sleep can also be healed (or at least improved) by sleeping well for only 3 days in a row!

2. Drink 6-8 glasses of water for the next 3 days (each day): Water – water is so significant that even slight dehydration can cause digestive problems, headaches and many other health problems. Just drinking one glass of water when you have a headache can often cure the headache. If you drink 8 glasses of water three days in a row any problems you have that are related to dehydration will improve or vanish.

3. Eat only a Whole Foods Diet for the next three days: diet is so important that what you eat the night before can effect you in the morning. What you eat one day can effect you for days to come. People who eliminate sugar and processed foods from their diet can see significant changes in their health within 3 days – blood tests will reflect these results.

4. Exercise every day for the next three days: Just one session of walking or treadmill or even 5-minutes of stretching will increase your circulation to the extent that you will feel better immediately. Three days of continuous exercise will improve your sleep, increase circulation and increase serotonin levels significantly.

5. Think only positive thoughts for the next three days: Scientists are now finding that much of disease can be related to negative thought and stress. By focusing on the positive in your life just for three days you will see your serotonin levels rise, and your immune system stronger. Before you start your three day program it may help you to make a list of positive things and then get your list out and read it if your mind wanders to negative topics. During these three days you should also refrain from watching the news on television or reading any negative news online or in the paper. Gossip is also off limits. Of the many hundreds of research papers in this area I found the following one very interesting:

“Now a new study adds another piece to the puzzle. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin are reporting today that the activation of brain regions associated with negative emotions appears to weaken people’s immune response to a flu vaccine. ”

The results are so quick with these simple steps that I am amazed more people don’t try them. We are so trained into thinking that our cure or our solution will take such a long time that I don’t think many people believe that they can induce almost instant cures using the five steps above. It seems hard to believe. But I have seen it happen over and over and over…

*Of course you should immediately see a health care professional if the situation is urgent.

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