Top Ten Teacher Success Secrets

When we asked teachers what the secret to their success in the classroom was their answers were varied but we chose the top ten. We’ve also included some links to resources we have that will help you build your own success in the classroom.

1. Loving the Children and the Work.

2. Being Part of a Supportive CommunityEarthschooling Curriculum Package members get free access to the amazing supportive, inspirational and positive Earthschooling member forum where members support each other through daily interactions and sharing.

3. Having a Mentor: We provide weekly sessions with a certified Waldorf teacher that all Earthschooling Curriculum Package members have access to for FREE. This service is so valuable and popular that even if you never used the curriculum this one benefit would be worth the curriculum cost 😉

4. Finding the Ideal Classroom Rhythm: Each classroom has its own rhythm and finding that can be the key to success. We provide many tools to help you on this journey. Check out our FREE Waldorf 101 Course or some of our rhythm webinars on the Teacher Support Webinar Page.

5. Asking for Help: We are teachers ourselves and we know how even a little help can make a big difference in our health, happiness, sleep and effectiveness in the classroom. That’s why we offer a large range of selections for teachers. Choose from Teacher Support MaterialsMonthly LessonsLesson BlocksWebinarsConsulting and even Complete Curriculum Packages.

6. Find Daily Inspiration: The Earthschooling member forum (free to all Earthschooling members) is a great place to find daily inspiration from classrooms around the world. I love visiting the page and seeing what other members are doing. I’m always surprised, amazed and enchanted!

7. Continuing Education – Never Stop Learning! We provide continuing education classes for teachers along with numerous teacher support materials including videos that teach chalk drawing, wet-on-wet watercolor painting, block crayon drawing, storytelling, eurythmy and much more!

8. Starting the Morning with an Inner Work/ Meditation: We provide free daily inner work inspirations for teachers/parents who sign up for our blog at: All you need to do is put your e-mail in the box and click “subscribe to Blog”

9. Learning about the Temperaments/Different Types of Students: We provide books, e-books, classes, webinars and even a children’s book at to support you if you want to learn about the four temperaments and how that knowledge can help you in the classroom.

10. Being Prepared: Being prepared can make the difference between a smooth day in the classroom and a chaotic one. We can help you get prepared with Teacher Support MaterialsMonthly LessonsLesson BlocksWebinarsConsulting and even Complete Curriculum Packages.

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