What is Your Homeschooling Style?

What is Your Homeschooling Style?

GUIDE: Guides you pedagogically through the curriculum. Insights into the ‘why’ of what you teach each year. Inspires you with ideas on how to create your own lessons.

PLANS: Lays out plans for what you will teach in each block for each grade. Provides charts and calendars for the year. Inspires you with samples and examples of created lessons. May require you to purchase additional books for student to read.

LESSONS: Open-and-go full curriculum lessons that provide you with content and teaching material that requires no planning and no additional books. 

MP3s: Teacher support is given in the form of mp3s for verses, mp3s for stories, and instructional webinars.

TRAIN: Training for the parent/teacher is provided in the form of video tutorials that cover topics from block crayon drawing and chalkboard art to wet-on-wet watercolor, felting, and much more.

VIRTUAL TEACHERS: Recorded lectures from real teachers to help you with lessons you may find challenging to teach or may not have time to teach in depth. 

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The Four Styles

Support: Have you already planned your curriculum for the year but feel you need support in one or more areas? Check out the amazing books we have at www.WaldorfBooks.com. Books on form drawing, science, math, handwork and more can be purchased here. We also have individual lesson blocks available here, Monthly Planner Blocks here and individual  teacher support available here.

Column 1: THE CREATOR: Curriculum Guides: You want to create. Your  greatest joy in teaching comes from creating curriculum rather than the process of teaching it (although you may enjoy that too).

Do you want to be guided through the process of creating your own curriculum? Guides provide you an outline for what you will be teaching as well as the pedagogical wisdom behind your lessons. Usually curriculum guides include a few stories, images, and verses. However, they do not provide you with step-by-step lessons. If the ‘curriculum’ you are using now suggests you purchase various books to supplement your lessons then you are currently using a curriculum guide. The Golden Beetle Curriculum Guides have been top rated guides in the Waldorf community since 1984 and can be purchased here. We also sell the popular guides from Waldorf teacher Eric Fairman here. 

Column 2: THE TEACHER: Core Curriculum: You already know how to teach Waldorf style but you love to teach and want to focus your energy on enjoying the classroom instead of constantly having to create new material. You may also be creative and enjoy creating stories and verses but doing it every day might take away from the energy you need for your student(s).

Do you want a full open-and-go curriculum that includes all the books you need each year as well as full lesson plans, teacher planning guides, a calendar of the year and everything you need to teach without having to piece things together from different locations or create a lot of content on your own? This curriculum also includes mp3s for verses and stories. Earthschooling Core Curriculum Bundles can be purchased here. 

Column 3: THE SCHOLAR: Curriculum Package: You love the process of learning along with your students. You might also enjoy teaching and being creative but for you, being able to learn new things keeps your enthusiasm strong in the classroom.

Do you want a full open-and-go core curriculum but you also need more extensive teacher support? This kind of package includes core curriculum but also extensive teacher support in the form of tutorials, webinars, and additional guides. Earthschooling Curriculum Packages can be purchased here. 

Column 4: THE MANAGER: Online Academy: You have a lot to do! You might have a large family or class or maybe you run your own business or have a job. Perhaps you have a hobby you enjoy doing every day. But you know how to manage your time by delegating to others! By delegating some tasks you are able to focus your energy on the tasks you love and everyone ends up happier!

Do you want a full open-and-go core curriculum with teacher support but you would also benefit from the assistance of another teacher? Academy enrollment includes your core curriculum as well as all the teacher support you need. However, it also allows you to take a break by offering various classroom lessons from other teachers that your student can enjoy. You can enroll your student in The BEarth Academy here.

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