Why Food is Just as Important to Mental Health as Physical Health

Waldorf Principle Explored: Healthy Eating

Waldorf education embraces educating the child’s head, heart & hands as well as their body. Preparing a snack together and baking homemade bread from scratch are just a couple Waldorf inspired activities that are daily occurrences in the Waldorf inspired classroom. This article talks about how important those experiences really are…

The Lancet & Huffington Post

We know that food affects the body — but could it just as powerfully impact the mind?

While the role of diet and nutrition in our physical health is undeniable, the influence of dietary factors on mental health has been less considered. That may be starting to change.

For the first time, a report by a task force advising on the new dietary guidelines, commissioned by the departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture, included a point considering the possible role of diet in mental health outcomes.

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This article is part of our “Waldorf Education in the News” series. We use this series of posts to direct you to news relating to Waldorf educational principles highlighted in the news or supported by scientific studies. To see more articles like this click the “Waldorf in the News” link to the right. You can use this series to gain more insight yourself or help others understand why you choose Waldorf education for your child.


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