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Why Food is Just as Important to Mental Health as Physical Health

Waldorf Principle Explored: Healthy Eating Waldorf education embraces educating the child’s head, heart & hands as well as their body. Preparing a snack together and baking homemade bread from scratch are just a couple Waldorf inspired activities that are daily occurrences in the Waldorf inspired classroom. This article talks about how important those experiences...
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What is an “Open Table”?

Today I took a look back in time. What were we doing on Thanksgiving five years ago? And how have things changed since then? What I discovered surprised me. Looking back I can see how what we did was very healing to our family as well as others and contributed...
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Essential Kitchen Tools for Kids

Kids naturally love to “help” in the kitchen and I have found that by providing them with the proper tools that they can actually be helpful! These tools are fun for adults, too. They can often make simple meals into something more “fancy” without a lot of extra effort. My...
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