Do Non-Waldorf Toys Really Exist?

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Can a Non-Waldorf Toy Become Real?
Waldorf and the Velveteen Rabbit
by Kristie Burns

yellow-plastic-toy-slides-indoorImportant note: Before you read this article and start thinking that I am advocating a mass purchase of items made in China to be transformed into “Waldorf toys on the cheap” – I am definately not. This article is simply an illustration of how we can look into the deeper meanings of education, toys, our health and healing and our relationships. It is an article created to open your mind to new ideas and not intended to be taken as an “instruction manual on how to transform non-Waldorf toys”. These are ideas to ponder and be applied to life in general and not “rules to be followed”. I hope that makes sense and that this article is taken in the spirit to which it was intended. This article attempts to go beyond “toys”.

Since childhood my favorite story was the Velveteen Rabbit. I always imagined my own stuffed animals were real and had entire lives they lived out when I was sleeping. As a child this was a fantasy. However, as an adult I have come to realize how much of a reality this is. Not in the same way I imagined as a child (although one never knows), but in a different way – those things that we love and are loved become REAL the more they are loved. Items can also become REAL with other emotions but what I am using as an example in this little article is how toys that are non-Waldorf can become REAL Waldorf toys. Can this happen?

First we need to know what makes a toy a Waldorf toy – it must come from nature and be imbued with a healthy spirit. So a pine cone can be a Waldorf toy but a pine cone sprayed with gold spray-paint would not “qualify” as Waldorf. A hand-carved wooden rabbit can be a Waldorf toy, but a wooden puzzle carved in a factory by a machine cannot fully “qualify”. Using the first example, our criteria is purely physical. Using the second example our criteria is both physical and spiritual. An object made from natural materials takes on a healthier spirit if it is handmade with loving intent.

So what might happen if an object has the later qualification but does not have the former? Can an object made of synthetic materials become a Waldorf toy?

To answer this question you first need to decide how pure your “Waldorf Toy” standard is already and what you consider to “qualify” in your home and admit that there is, actually a “grey area” in this arena – as there is in every arena in life. Life is not “black and white” – it is made up of the grey areas too.

Do you only let your child play with objects directly from nature gathered only in a spiritually sound manner (naturally fallen without trauma by birds or people) and then left to be or made into the shape of a toy by a peaceful perfectly balanced person using natural tools in a natural environment who was in a positive mood that day? Simply for the purposes of my example I will call these “100% Waldorf toys”

Or is your standard that the toys simply need to be made from natural materials? Do you sometimes purchase wooden items made from companies that form their wooden toys using machines (even in Germany some of the wooden toys are made by machine)? Do you purchase handmade natural toys without checking the history and conditions of the person making them? Again, simply for purposes of the example (and keeping in mind that there is NO official scale system out there) I will call these %50-80 Waldorf toys.

Some toys would not fall into the Waldorf category at all. Plastic toys made in China and purchased at the dollar store are not made from natural materials and were most likely made by under-paid laborers who work in less than ideal conditions. We can call these 0% Waldorf toys.

My question is – could a toy’s spiritual energy overcome it’s original state of physical being to climb higher on our imaginary percentage scale?

How could this happen?

First, we need to remember that objects are not really solid, as they appear. Rather, things are just matter or atoms, somewhat pressed together, with space in between them. What fills this space is something that has fascinated scientists for many years and been the subject of numerous and ongoing scientific studies. The second thing we need to remember is that heat is the transfer of kinetic energy from one medium or object to another, or from an energy source to a medium or object. Such energy transfer can occur in three ways: radiation, conduction, and convection. However, heat is not the only energy that can be transferred from one object to another. Spiritual energy can also be transferred.

This can be visually shown through the many experiments of Masaru Emoto (see his website at: who has exposed water to various conditions and then taken pictures of the resulting crystals that are formed. This can also be personally experienced by trying a little Psychometric tool – Psychometry is a widely used form of mediumship, and involves holding an object, and discerning events which may evolve around the object’s owner. If you have ever seen a detective or police show on TV you have most likely seen this skill used more than once. It is widely used as a means to track down people when there are no physical clues left behind.

To try this yourself you need a friend or family member. Ask them to bring an object that you know nothing about. Hold the object for a few moments, trying to sense an energy, and then give out the impressions which you receive. Most people will be able to sense or feel something from holding certain objects. This “something” is the energy, and a medium skilled in psychometry will be able to translate that energy into events which may be related to the object and its owner. These skills have been tested in scientific labs in recent years, and have resulted in a positive identification of these energies either through special photographic techniques or wavelength readings.

Now, pick up a well-loved “non-Waldorf” toy from your child’s room. Every “Waldorf child” has at least one toy that was given to them by a grandmother, they purchased with their allowance or was given to them by their favorite friend that is made of completely synthetic materials. Physically, this would put it on the 0% Waldorf scale. However, what about the spirit of the object? What about the space in-between the atoms? What about the energy that object contains? As you hold that object try to feel the love that child has put into it. Much like the Velveteen rabbit, that object may well be tattered and missing parts. But it has been transformed into something by that love. You will find that you are no longer holding a 0% Waldorf toy but something that goes beyond the 50% level.

This process also reminds me of something that happens in my healing work. Over and over again I have seen people overcome their physical disabilities or illnesses with prayer and positive energy more than with herbs, nutrition and a perfect lifestyle (which are also important but not the ONLY factor). This is yet one more example of how the spiritual – the unseen energies of life can overcome the seen – or physical factors in life.

Once we learn to consider all factors in our environment and in our bodies we come closer to achieving what we want to achieve with our children and their environment and education – we can see beyond what toys they have, what lesson plans we have and what “things” we are doing and have – and offer them more depth in their educational experience.

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