Easy Indoor-Outdoor Portable Fort for Kids

This project can be used for any age or it can be used as part of the third grade “housebuilding” lesson.

To create a little portable indoor/outdoor fort…

1. Purchase a few bamboo rods (the kind you get at the gardening center for 1.00 each…they are also at the dollar store). If you are lucky you might have a lot of nice tall straight sticks around you to use instead (free) but we don’t so…THEN you tie them all together at the top as tight as you can with yarn or string or something…

Close up of Poles put away

2. Spread them all out, the string will stop them from falling…

Tie String and put up poles step 2

3. Add a large scarf or piece of fabric or even a sheet (Free if you have one already…gosh I hope you do! Or you can get cheap cotton sheets at Goodwill for about $3.00 or at another store…sale section for under $10.00).

 Put some fabric over the house

Cost of materials: $6.00 – $15.00

Look on child’s face as they play with it: priceless

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