Education Through Volunteering

We have been discovering the joys of volunteering this autumn! Mosi, my 14-year-old (will be 15 in one month!) has been learning about a number of volunteer opportunities from a volunteer club in our community. This club puts out announcements about opportunities so you don’t have to go search for them or wonder “Do they really need help this week or do they already have too many volunteers?”. Community organizations around town contact the club so it becomes a really nice central place to request volunteers as well as find opportunities for volunteering. If you do not have a club like this in your community it would be a really great idea to start one. This is a secular club and involves the entire community. It is easy to start and only needs a few e-mails back and forth to maintain itself.

We have been thrilled with what Mosi’s volunteering has brought to her and to the entire family.

1. This has been a great way for Mosi to meet new people – from all age groups. And to meet people who have similar interests as her.

2. Because I need to provide transport to these events the other two children and I have attended events we would not have attended otherwise.

3. Some of these events I never would have known about if not for the volunteer opportunity Mosi had – like the annual PowWow in November. They have not advertised for this powwow anywhere that I usually find information. I was thrilled to find out about it and Mosi is excited to be able to help them serve food on that day!

4. Mosi gets to experience some of the places she loved as a child but has “grown out of” the events for. She was a volunteer at the zoo and Living History Farms Halloween events – she is really too old to attend the events, although she would have loved to – so this is a way for her to continue to stay connected to her favorite events and places.

5. Mosi loves helping. Her favorite event so far was helping kids carve pumpkins at the local Autumn fest. She had so much fun with the little kids. She even got to be one of the judges for the “pet costume” contest.

6. Mosi gets to do new things – she has been a pet costume judge, dancing pumpkin, official marshmallow roaster, and more. It is always a surprise!

We are so thankful for this organization! It has really provided so many wonderful opportunities for Mosi and our family and I am sure they are happy having people to help out with their events as well 🙂

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