How to Deal with ‘Artist Competition’

Question from Member: My Kids Get Frustrated Their Drawings Don’t Look Like Mine…

While you are on drawing, my kids (especially my younger one) get frustrated that their drawings don’t look like mine (which aren’t that great, but as she’s only 4 obviously I’ve got a bit better control). Beyond saying ├Żou’ll get better as you get older and practice more and complimenting her drawings what do you suggest? How would they manage this in a Waldorf classroom with a roomful of kids with different abilities? My kids are constantly comparing drawings to each other and to mine as well.

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power

What I did in the classroom was place all the drawings or paintings up on the chalk rail. Next we made observations based on color, detail, shade and tone. In younger grades, I asked if there was something they liked in one of the drawings/paintings. I also encouraged them to think about what they could have done differently and if there was a specific technique I could focus on in the next class or review how to draw a specific plant/animal/person. We also reviewed our work and each student spoke of where they saw improvements in their own work and where they would like to work harder.

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