How to Make a Maypole

You have all seen the lovely Maypoles made from metal or wood with long flowing ribbons that reach 12 feet tall! Those are lovely but did you know you can also create different kinds Maypoles that work indoors, can be adjusted to the size of your students, and/or easy enough to make yourself for your own  classroom?

Here are some tips we have used over the years to make an easy Maypole and to make our Mayfair celebrations easier…

1. We had a Maypole one year that we made from a cardboard tube (7 feet tall only) that we got from the carpet store. It was the roll that the carpet came on! We purchased some ribbon from the sale section at Michael’s craft store for $1.00 each and taped it to the top! It was fun! We held it up by putting it into a Christmas Tree Stand, but we also found that in one area of our house it actually fit exactly to the ceiling and would hold itself up. In another area of the house if we put a few phone books under it (or a little table) it would also fit to the ceiling. For outdoor use we buried it in the ground!

You can also make a tiny Maypole if you can’t make a big one. To do this you can purchase an 36″ wooden dowel. There is no rule that the Maypole has to be towering over everyone! You can even pretend it is a “fairy maypole” and the fairies are sharing with you!

2. You do not have to have a May celebration on the 1st of May…you have until the end of May to do this! One year we even snuck it into June and made it a “We miss May” day fair!

3. You do not have to have a party to have a Mayfair! One year we invited all our dolls and it was just US!

Hope you find these ideas inspiring!

If you would like any more May ideas or you would love some wonderful verses please sign up for the May program at Earthschooling Enrichment Plans.

Each month’s lesson plans has four sets of verses with MP3s and an entire month of lessons for each grade (preschool through third grade).

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