Kindergarten Skip Counting

This is a great idea shared by Angie G. on the member forum today.

Note from Kristie: This could also be used for a first grade lesson.

She says, “We started the August lesson plans this month and my son wasn’t really enjoying the skip counting in 2’s activities with the bean bag – I think the numbers felt a bit meaningless to him and he is also used to counting in ones, so kept on wanting to say┬áthe next consecutive number when we threw the bean bag rather than the skipped number. So I made it a bit more physical by putting pairs of flattened cupcake liners in a row up to 20 down the middle of the room as markers (could be anything, though I found them being identical helped keep the focus on the pair rather than on the item), and we sang the song to Lou Lou Skip to my Lou as in the lesson plan,skipping in a circle around the outside of the 2 rows. But when it came to chanting out the 2,4,6,8, 10 etc we each had a turn to jump on pairs of cupcake liners along the whole line (two feet landing at the same time), as we said the numbers – he LOVED it And it is quite a workout!!! I did it slowly and then fast and then slowly. Wish I’d taken photos but I was too busy skipping and jumping!”

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