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Why Do We Put the Whole Before the Parts (Math)?

In Waldorf education there are variations on how the times tables are taught. However, one constant remains – that we always work from the whole to the parts. But what does that mean and why do we do that? In Waldorf classrooms different teachers recite the times tables with their...
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I’m Spending Too Much Time on English & Math

Question from Member: Spending Too Much Time on English & Math We seem to be doing English and Maths all the time. English is through stories, and Maths we have been doing fractions for ever so long. We are doing animal and humans and Norse myths, but I find we...
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Using Math with Creation Myth Stories in G3

Question from Member: How Can I Use Math in Creation Myth Stories? How can I bring in liquid or dry measurement (weights for grade 3 math) through those stories and be able to cover volume or dry measure or even housebuilding, that would be great. In your reply if you...
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