Knitted Stories: Firefly and Dragonfly

Original Story Copyright by Kristie Burns

Dragonfly has always been one of my favorite mother’s. She is full of fire and energy and always has something new and exciting for her little unicorn children to do. She even named her child firefly because he reminded her of the little fireflies that flit to and fro in the moonlight in the garden. However, one problem I have with Dragonfly is that she always needs to be warm. She would be happy if we all lived in the desert. This winter was hard for her as it was snowing almost every day in Iowa, so Dragonfly was always sneaking into the house with firefly to warm herself up.

Before I leave the house I always make sure all the unicorns are safe in the backyard with the gate closed. We live by a main street so I don’t want them getting out and getting injured or anything. Sometimes they do sneak out to walk along the bike trail, but I made them promise only to use the shortcut across the neighbor’s lawn for this and not the main street.

However, today when I arrived home I found Dragonfly and her baby standing on my dinner table with a lit candle!

“That is so dangerous!” I reprimanded her. “Listen, I don’t mind if you come in the house to warm up now and then but I have to request that you don’t light fire while you are in here. OK?”

Dragonfly looked at me a bit defiantly. Choleric unicorns are like choleric children, they don’t take to being reprimanded very well. So I softened my tone a bit.

“Could I please request that you not light the candles when I am not home?” I asked her.

“Why? Don’t you think I can handle a candle? I am a fire unicorn!”

I agreed.

“Yes, you are, but you are a special kind. You are made of wool. And I am afraid you will burn or that firefly will jump around and knock the candle over – you know he is much younger than you and not as careful.”

That seemed to work. Flattery always helps with fire unicorns.

But then there was the issue of the mirror. How did that mirror get down off of my wall?

When I left the house it was hanging near the entrace to the house and when I came back it was off the wall and on the table with two unicorns on top.

“How did you get the mirror there?” I asked Dragonfly.

“What’s a mirror?”

“It is that shiny thing you have your dirty hoof prints all over now” I snapped back, a bit irritated at having to deal with unicorns when I really should have been cooking dinner.

“Uh…..” replied Dragonfly.

That did not sound good. I almost didn’t want to ask again.

“Can you please tell me?” I repeated.

Dragonfly swished her mane a bit and hemmed and hawed and then finally answered, “It was magic.”

“Magic? You expect me to believe that you magically got the mirror off the wall???”

“Yes, it was magic.”

“HOW magic?” I pressed her for an answer.

“Well, that big doll over there – she got it down off the wall and she set it on the table. I think she was using the hook for something.”

“The Doll?”

“Yes,” replied firefly, who spoke for the first time, “Dat dowil offer dair.”

I looked at where they were pointing.

“That is not a DOLL!” That is my daughter Sofi!

“Oh, well she is a nice doll.”


Finally I had to ask the final question. I was almost scared to hear the reply.

“So why are you playing with fire on the mirror?”

“Oh!” said Dragonfly, “that is very easy to answer. It was so cold and snowy outside, and we wanted to be warm so we came inside to light a candle. Then we noticed that whatever was in front of this – what do you call it again – mirror? Oh yes, that everything in front of this mirror became two – so we lit one candle and then when we put it in front of the mirror it became two so we were warmer.”

At that point I decided any further conversation was probably pointless so I let them back outside – but this time I gave them a couple coats to wear too.

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